Accidental Claims

Have you met with an accident, where you are not at fault? And can NOT CLAIM but incur more expenses on your end. With Reliable Rental and our partner “Parmar Associate”, we make sure that you are covered from each side. Our Accidental Claims, help you to cover up with the damages that are NOT YOUR fault with an alternative car replacement provided.

All you need to do is follow some basic steps and provide us with the right information and we have got you covered:

Our services include:
  • We work on your behalf with the insurance companies

    Filing the accidental claim

    Meeting the requirements of the compliance process

    Clearing the end funds

  • All the repairs and the expenses (including the claims) are handled securely

    All the repair expenses (inclusive of the claims) will be taken care by the Reliable Rental.

  • A replacement of the car will be provided to the client.
  • You can also hire an alternative car, with a complete “free of charge” (until all the damages are clearly fixed and the car is returned back to you).

How it Works


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